Canada’s Christian Heritage Web Site

CCHeritage Announces New Site Design & Address

March 6 2006

Today Canada's Christian Heritage Web Site introduced alongside a new web site design, simply called, Version 3. It represents the web site's third design overhaul in almost five years.

"The new site design coupled with paid server space and an easy to remember web address brings many new features for our visitors that were previously not possible," said Stephen Plamondon, CCHeritage's Founder and Designer. "Many of the features have been requested by our visitors over the years, and we will continue to take such inspirational opinions into future alterations."

The new design of the site was built from scratch by Stephen Plamondon who has done all the designing since the site began. He completely rebuilt the current design three times over before he was content with the look and feel of the site. In his own words he states, “I just didn't like the other ones, they didn't match what this web site was all about.” He also said that the “amature Canadian history web sites out there are either poorly designed, do not have interesting content, or are just lists of other sites.” is powered by the industrial strength Mac OS X Server via Itsamac Web Hosting and represents the largest overhaul the site has ever had since its humble beginnings in August 2001.

Canada's Christian Heritage Web Site started over five years ago as a school project and earned an A+ (100%) overall. The site has had over 12 000 visitors and is growing every month. is the only web site on the net today dedicated to Canada's Christian Heritage.

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