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Biography Permission Agreed Upon

November 2, 2006 is happy to announce that on August 12, 2006, Michael Clarke and Stephen Plamondon reached an agreement to include some of the biographies from Canada: Portraits of Faith on CCHeritage. On September 1 changes to CCHeritage were applied to reflect that agreement.

The main part of the agreement states that has permission to have the biographies on the web "until such time as the book is once again in print."

“I am very excited to have the permission finally,” said Stephen Plamondon, Creator and Webmaster of the site. “I have tried to locate Michael Clarke since I started the site back in 2001 and can now say I finally found him, reaching that milestone that never seemed to be in sight.”

Michael Clarke spoke of Stephen saying he genuinely appreciated his “enthusiasm for Canada: Portraits of Faith”. He also said, speaking of the book he published, “It was a labour of love and sacrifice that was turned down by every publisher and went on to be a best seller. Thank you Jesus!”

Michael Clarke is currently living in the United States of America and has no immediate plans for a reprinting of the book Canada: Portraits of Faith, but there is interest. You can contact Michael at his current e-mail address: started over five years ago as a school project with very few visitors. The site now has had over 17,000 visitors and has established a monthly visitor base of several hundred. is the only web site on the Internet today dedicated to Canada's Christian Heritage and making it accessible to everyday Canadians and the rest of the world.

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