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From the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador on the Atlantic Coast to the waves of the Pacific Ocean off British Columbia, Canada is a diverse country with many languages, religions, cultures and climates. Canada also has a rich Judeo-Christian heritage. This web site is designed specifically to show the historical Canadian facts that tell the story of this country, the Fathers of Confederation called, the “Dominion of Canada”.

Convention at Charlottetown, P.E.I. 1864

Fathers of Confederation Photo Information: 1 Sept. 1864 / Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Credit: based on / G.P. Roberts / Library and Archives of Canada / C-000733
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Georges Vanier

“May almighty God in His infinite wisdom and mercy bless the sacred mission which has been entrusted to me by Her Majesty the Queen and help me to fulfill it in all humility. In exchange for His strength, I offer Him my weakness. May He give peace to this beloved land of ours and … the grace of mutual understanding, respect and love.”

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The Education System
Bishop John Strachan, a leader who helped form our public education system, stated that “the church must continue to play a central role in education. You cannot divorce religion from education because schools will inevitably reflect the philosophical and religious or (irreligious) biases of those who direct them.”

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Canada: Portraits of Faith

Fifty-two biographies written by thirty-nine authors and graced by fifty-four works of art combine to make Canada: Portraits of Faith an immensely enjoyable and inspiring book.

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