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Updated - November 29, 2010 2:00 PM PST

CCHeritage Version 3.4
November 29 2010 - CCHeritage 3.4: Minor update today which includes:

  1. Over 1000 XHTML code corrections made throughout the site. Using BBEdit’s syntax checker, I was able to bring the site to almost complete W3C compliance. The W3C validator doesn’t parse attribute values so I am using both now. Only 2 errors exist that will be fixed at a later date.
  2. Resources Centre - external links updated and corrected.
  3. The center tag is gone and is replaced by proper CSS code instead (as IE6 sails into the sunset. It is a wonderful thing!).
  4. Updated the Print CSS.
  5. And many other little fixes throughout.

CCHeritage Version 3.3
April 21 2010 - Today is launching version 3.3 of the site. It includes:

  1. Three facts have been given more information in the Facts Library. There will be more in the very near future (thank you Pastor Steve).
  2. CCHeritage has moved to Server Logistics as our web host.
  3. The RSS feed has been replaced with a complete new one and a new extension, the previous feed was a train wreck. Please update to the new feed.
  4. Fixed many printing issues throughout the site.
  5. Copyright notice changed and updated. Yes it is still me and no, the site has not changed hands and is not going to.
  6. Spelling correction in the Facts Library - the word was incorrectly spelled “Canadian's” instead of “Canadian’s” (thank you Tom).
  7. Many other little code changes that may not be noticeable.
  8. Many under-the-hood changes and major upgrades that no one will notice but yours truly.

Biography Errors
July 15 2009 - All biographies have now been fully corrected, of which there where about seven corrections needed within the following biographies:

  1. Eliza Case
  2. George Brown
  3. Georges Vanier
  4. John Stratchan
  5. Pauline Vanier

Remembering Their Sacrifice During November
October 28 2008 - For the month of November, as is becoming a tradition here at CCHeritage, we are remembering the Canadian’s who gave their lives for this country and the freedom we have today.

CCHeritage v3.2
October 28 2008 - Today is launching web site version 3.2. It features numerous enhancements and fixes, including:

  1. CCHeritage is now extensionless. This means you no longer have to type in the .php or .html within the web address.
  2. Spelling, typos, & duplicate sentences through out the biographies, almost all of them fixed. Only a couple remain.
  3. Redesigned Features area on the Home page, fixing the IE6 bugs and introducing Safari and Firefox 3.1 enhancements.
  4. Fixed a bug on all the biographies that made the first letter too large.
  5. All spelling, including the biographies, are now in Canadian spelling.
  6. Moved the news RSS feed to below linked web sites, and placed a proper RSS icon to represent the link.
  7. Updated external links in the Resources section.
  8. Cleaned up the HTML code on all pages for W3C Standards compliance. Only 3 errors remain site wide.
  9. Fixed and cleaned up many HTML glitches throughout the Biography pages.
  10. Updated the Print CSS and related HTML for better printing in Standards Compliant browsers.
  11. And many more fixes and enhancements.

November Traffic
December 1 2007 - Last month broke past 1500 total visitors to the web site in one month. Of that 1500 visitors, 170 of them were returning visitors. That also was a new record for CCHeritage. A big thank you to all who visit this site every month, you are much appreciated. v3.1 & Remembrance Day
November 2 2006 - has launched a redesigned home page for the start of Version 3.1 of the site. As part of v3.1, there will be later additions to CCHeritage in the next few months. CCHeritage is also remembering the ones who gave their lives for this country we call home, with placing In Flanders Fields on the home page as it does every year.

Biography Permission Agreed Upon
November 2 2006 - is happy to announce that on August 12, 2006, Michael Clarke and Stephen Plamondon reached an agreement to include some of the biographies from Canada: Portraits of Faith on CCHeritage. Read More v3.1 Delayed Until The Fall
July 17 2006 - Previously slated for August, v3.1 of the web site has been moved back until the Fall of this year.

June, A Record Setting Month
July 17 2006 - Last month CCHeritage's Page Views increased by 153% over the previous record set in April 2003. But it didn't stop there, the amount of visitors last month skyrocketed over all but April 2003. It was a very good month for this site compared with what normally are quite months, June through September. Thanks to all the visitors for a great month. v3.0.1 Launches
June 24 2006 - Just in time for Canada Day, has launched v3.0.1. This site update fixes a few Internet Explorer 6 issues, certain CSS optimizations, 98 percent debugging code removed, less W3C errors, and “Where you are” is on every page - so you always now where you are. I am hoping to have v3.1 finished in time for's 5th Anniversary in August.

“Filling the gaps in Canadian history”
June 23 2006 - Ron Gray, leader of the CHP writes about, “Stephen Plamondon has created a website to make Canada’s Christian heritage more accessible to all. It will be a valuable resource for home-schoolers — as well as for other students who want to learn what's been excised from their education to make it ‘politically correct’...Efforts like Michael Clark's and Stephen Plamondon's are like health-food stores for the mind and soul, offering supplements to the intellectually deprived.”

White Now The Standard Background
June 6 2006 - The whiter background is now standard. In case you did not know, in the corner of the sub-menu bar you will see white and black squares. These change the background for you and saves it as a cookie so when you come back to CCHeritage your preference will load into the background (white or dark). As default the white background will now be selected for you instead of the darker background, unless you have previously visited here and did not select white.

New Privacy Policy
May 1 2006 - I have finally put together a proper Privacy Policy. I personally think that every web site whether small or large should have one, it gives people assurance of what actually happens with their information. It is surprising how many historical web sites do not have one.

Web Site Growth In March
Apr 3 2006 - CCHeritage is pleased to announce that since the launch of on March 6 traffic has skyrocketed, making way for a record setting month. CCHeritage had over 400% more visitors in March 2006 when compared with March of last year (2005). would like to thank all our visitors for such a great March.

CCHeritage Announces New Site Design & Address
Mar 6 2006 - Today Canada's Christian Heritage Web Site introduced alongside a new web site design, simply called, Version 3. It's a new address and design for the only web site dedicated to Canada's Christian heritage. Read More

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